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We offer Premium Ingram Spark Publishing Services!

We offer premium IngramSpark publishing services, ensuring your book gets the professional treatment it deserves. With IngramSpark publishing, you gain access to top-tier printing, distribution, and global reach for your work. Contact Us Call Us +1 (914)-650-0848
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Rated 9 out of 10 based on 3,543 satisfied customers.

Why Publish on the Ingram Spark Platform?

The Ingram Spark platform provides unmatched global distribution and professional quality, ensuring your book reaches a wide and appreciative audience.

Penguin Classic Publishers offers you Self-Publishing Success!

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive self-publishing solutions, tailored to bring your book to life.

Simplify Your Publishing Journey with IngramSpark

Effortlessly bring your book to life and reach a global audience with our streamlined IngramSpark publishing process.

Our Process

Create an IngramSpark Account
Sign up for an IngramSpark account through their website. Complete your profile, providing necessary information about you and your publishing goals. This will grant you access to their suite of self-publishing tools and resources.
Prepare Your Manuscript
Ensure your manuscript is properly formatted according to IngramSpark’s guidelines. This includes setting up the correct trim size, margins, and fonts. You may also need to convert your manuscript to a PDF for seamless upload. Utilize their resources for formatting and template assistance if needed.
Design Your Book
Design your book’s interior and cover. You can either create these yourself or hire a professional designer. IngramSpark offers templates and design tools to help you produce a high-quality, professional-looking book that meets their specifications.
Upload and Review
Upload your manuscript and cover files to the IngramSpark platform. Carefully review the digital proofs provided to ensure there are no errors. This step is crucial for catching any formatting issues or design flaws before your book goes to print.
Set Distribution and Pricing
Choose your distribution options and set your book’s pricing. IngramSpark allows you to distribute your book globally through their extensive network of retailers and libraries. Determine your print and eBook pricing, keeping in mind production costs and your desired profit margin. Once everything is set, approve your book for publication and start reaching readers worldwide.

Client Testimonials

Our clients trust us with their dreams and we turn them into a solid reality. Hear it from our clients:


I had a Publishing project on thriller and mystery themes and I gave this task to the Penguin Classic Publishers. Their team did a great job creating excellent and eye-catching material for the readers.
Jordan NortonMarch 20, 2023


These guys did an amazing job at taking what I wanted illustrated and my words and ideas for the book and bring it to life! Highly recommended!
Kouri RichinsMarch 15, 2023


Penguin Classic Publishers created an attractive cover that offers a strong aesthetic appeal. It relates the entire story in a single picture without opening the book. In addition, the typography communicates emotions and sentiments clearly. I strongly recommend them to all book geeks!!
Cyrill PowellOctober 07, 2022


I wanted to write a novel, but because of writer's block, I was unable to do that. I approached Penguin Classic Publishers for this job, and the novel they delivered to me was just amazing from the start till the end. It was highly captivating, and I got a positive response from my readers. A big shoutout to this team.
Criis JonsonFebruary 04, 2022

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